Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Minda Solutions CLT Press

The World's largest CLT press by Minda.

MINDA recently received an order from a European manufacturer of prefabricated houses for the construction of the world’s largest CLT-press designed until now for a maximum board size of 20 x 6 m.

Already in 2010 MINDA developed its first hydraulic CLT press with the TimberPress X 300 including a 3-dimensional pressing system for the production of high-quality CLT boards for a German customer.

Layers of individual length and cross lamellas are transferred to the alignment station by the vacuum portal followed by the automatic glue application.

The package to be pressed enters the press on a special plastic belt whereas the finished pressed package simultaneously leaves the press.

Before pressing, the package to be pressed is entirely compressed, separately in X- und Y-direction, by a horizontal press system. Afterwards the vertical main pressure is built up.

The TimberPress X 300 particularly disposes of a flexible fully-automatic limit stop which allows producing any board format within millimeters. To that effect no oversize is required.

Source: Minda, Ligna 2017

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