Sunday, September 03, 2006


BarCamps are a new way to organize geeks conferences. 160 geeks descended on Red Hat headquarters this July for an educational experience - but they entered the event without a schedule, a list of sessions, or an admission fee. Red Hat provided the space. Organizers and participants came bearing routers and other donated items. This was BarCamp, and they were counting on their companions to bring the expertise that would turn this gathering into a conference. Or unconference, as they say. Grassroots organization isn't just for politics anymore. Grassroots is going for tech solutions today. I've been listening to podcasts from BarCamps in Bangalore India and events in USA. There have been several in US. We have planned to organize one in Finland as well. I hope to get the time to motivate some of my friends to take part in the actions needed. I think, we could be ready to start the planning of an event in October. Maybe we should target for a very cold mid-winter event somewhere where the temperature is ways down below zero.
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