Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Strategy for Success

I wrote this 9/18/06 (September 18, 2006) 5:47 AM (early in the morning). What has changed since? The impact of Social Media? One and a half year later...

Mission, Vision and Goals

  1. Define precisely what you want to accomplish
  2. Create an inspiring vision and a mission statement that will work for you
  3. Set effective goals that will propel you to action
  4. I add creative collaboration and crowd-sourcing

Strategies for Marketing Success

  1. Develop a long-term strategy for success
  2. Targeting - find your business niche
  3. Identify your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)
  4. Plan your PR campaign, Internet visibility, Blogosphere
  5. Adding Facebook, Twitter, Jaiku, Pownce, Wiki

Generating Leads and lead conversion

  1. Create a system to attract your ideal customers
  2. Generate leads through a customer education system (sounds old-fashioned)
  3. Additional ways to get customers: digital storytelling, Internet presence
  4. Understand the entire sales process: supply chain management
  5. Learn to make presentations that sell
  6. Telephone and Internet selling strategies
  7. Develop consultative selling skills
  8. Effective follow up system
  9. Listen to customers
  10. Prosumerism!

How to Keep Customers

  1. How to satisfy your customers needs and requirements
  2. Defining the life value of your customer
  3. The "moments of truth" in your customer relationship process
  4. How to stay in touch after the sale
  5. Generate profitable added value sales

Time Management

  1. What's important, what can be automated and what deleted?
  2. Practical system for being in control of your time
  3. Scheduling time for interruptions - urgent/non urgent and important/unimportant
  4. Multipresence!


  1. Select right publication and media
  2. Power of headlines
  3. How to write to persuade
  4. Create offers that make people respond
  5. ABC of ad-testing and test marketing
  6. Advertising price management
  7. Dialog with customers and partners

Creating a support system

  1. Your support system & how to build it
  2. Hiring, partnering and keeping the best people
  3. Form joint ventures and alliances
  4. Creative Collaboration!
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