Sunday, September 03, 2006

What is a BarCamp?

A Bar Camp is an unconference where people interested in a wide range of technologies come together to teach and learn. Unfamiliar with the un-conference format? Here's the idea in a nutshell. Rather than having scheduled speakers, everyone pitches sessions the morning of the BarCamp. Those sessions are put on a schedule, and lots of little groups form for intense group learning. Everyone is expected to teach, to talk, to participate. Yeah, its different from a regular conference - but it works!
  • Did anyone plan for it in Finland?
  • Who has participated from Finland?
  • suppose we can do it "our way"
The idea of an unconference came together when people realized the best times they were having at conferences were the times between sessions - where people with like interests could meet ad hoc. The goal of BarCamp is to facilitate this type of interaction for an entire day. We supply the food, the space, the wireless, the projectors - you show up to teach and learn. If you're still not completely sure about BarCampRDU, take a minute and read Tara Calishain's excellent writeup on the WRAL Blog. She does a great job of covering BarCampRDU and explaining the concept
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