Tuesday, November 14, 2006

ACAAL Spotlight at IST 2006

This will help me to start to think about who to invite. How can we get this meeting to boil down to a very interesting meeting. I think The list of Finnish companies and organizations could include som high-profile R&D SMEs in addition to Nokia and VTT. I will have a poissibility to talk with a few of them before the event. How about the university people? Techies and than the humanists?

Dear ACAAL Core Team: Now, it is only one week to Workshop on Affective Computing for Ambient Assisted Living. We are exciting to meet all of you together in Helsinki! A good news is that our workshop has been selected into two spotlights of IST EVENT 2006. The link is:
  • The spotlights are: Accessible and Inclusive ICT: from brain computer interfaces to Ambient Assisted Living networking;
  • Cognition and Robotics: from embodied intelligence conference sessions to the iCub humanoid robot; We believe there is a long way between the workshop and the success of our proposal.
There are several things in our mind:

1. The Now Ferran and I am maintaining the web, but we hope to invite you to join us. A good web is very important for us to work together, and for attracting people to join us. We have to build an excellent consortium to present a proposal for the coming first call of FP7.

In the web, we have:
  1. Forums
  2. Gallery of images, maps
  3. Events (you can insert uopur attendance to the social event and work-meeting)
  4. Podcast (publish your audio presentations)
  5. Library of documents and papers
  6. News
  7. Polls
  8. User list
  9. Blogs (propose ideas and share your thoughts with us)
  10. User locations (let us to know your location and contact profile)
2. The events after the workshop. The time for the workshops are very limited. We need time to explore deeply our ideas about the proposal, and just to know each other.

Thanks to Mr. Helge Keitel who will offer us a meeting on 23NOV. All of you are invited to join us for the after workshop meeting on 23NOV. Should we have a dinner together on 22NOV 2006? The titles and abstracts of your idea. May I ask everybody to submit an paper to our workshop, and then to edit for publishing?

3. The Todo List. Prof. Guangyou Xu will fly to Munich for discussing with the key people of SiCT and inviting them to join to our proposal. I will fly to Verona for inviting them. Now, we should make a to do list for shaping the coming projects the three aspects:
  • To define the scientific research area and research institutes. Now, we have research institutes from Tsinghua University, Verona University, Siemens, Philips, VTT, and maybe Nokia. How do we definethe research areas for combining the advantages of these research institutes, and who we should invite, for instance, some psychologists?
  • To meet the social-economical needs. We have many partners from SMEs, who are pioneers of the new directions, and sensitive to the social-economical needs. What are the current and future social-economical needs from view point of SMEs and corporations? How to make the scientific research meets these needs?
  • The dissemination of the research. Any idea? Any other things we have to fixed now? I have made the mail list of the people who is interested in the workshop or the coming project. Please revise it. Please also listen the audio-presentation of Helge (KKnet), which is a welcome from Helsinki at:
Linmi Tao Prof.
Dept. Computer Science and
Technology, Tsinghua University
Beijing 100084, China

Guangyo u Xu Prof.
Dept. Computer Science and
Technology, Tsinghua University
Beijing 100084, China

I will continue to work on this during the coming days. We're collecting a truly global team for high-level products and solutions development. It has to be done through including companies, small and large, technology, mobile, Web 2.0, collaboration, Enterprise 2.0 and what more?
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