Monday, November 13, 2006

Are we living in a Lab?

Hello, my name is Helge Keitel, KK-Net, Finland. I've been here at Ami@Work for some time. I make occasional blog postings, discussed today with another Finn, Kurt Linderoos, and we tried to figure out why Ami@Work and several other EU project sites are covering interesting themes, but after a while all discussion dies out and what is left is a good platform that doesn't get the collaboration to a practical cross-bordering level.

I've seen that you're an active member and would like to know if you are coming to Helsinki IST 2006 and it would be nice to try figure our how we could get more steam and power into the EU collaboration.

Maybe I haven't participated in the right way? I try to understand the processes and to see what we could do. I follow the Web 2.0 development in USA and can't see the same thing happening over here.

My skype is visualradio

Please, let me know if you have time to talk.

Best regards

Helge Keitel
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