Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Andrea Vascellari

Andrea, decided to blog about our conversation. I think we're into something important that is important. You are a great podcaster and we (KK-Net) are developing new ways for corporate blogging. I'd like to add to this HULIQ a citizen journalism site. I'll write more about it when you return to Finland. There is a lot to do in the field of virtual organizations.

VMC Between You and Andrea Vascellari

9:58pm October 25th
Hello Helge,

Because of the effort you put in your blog post, I mentioned on the last episode of VMC. You are in the show notes too.

I hope you enjoy the episode and thank you for your feedback, I really appreciated it.

Today at 10:10am
Andrea Vascellari, thanks for the mention. I did listen to your podcast. Tell me more about your business. I guess we could cooperate in some business communication projects. Br Helge

Today at 7:34pm. I think you are a future oriented person, openmind, and with a strong drive. This is why I was happy to share digitalvillages and your point of view in my show and with my audience.

We didn't meet in the real world yet, but I'm sure one day we will and as you said why not also to cooperate on some projects.

In addition to iTive Oy now I'm leading also the X-Cell Innovation Department of Suupohja region, this is a really intense period for me, but we are professionals so we both know that this is 'part of the game'...

In the next days and the next week I will be really busy because I will be in Berlin (Germany) for the Web 2.0 Expo (, but after that I will be back to normal rhythm so we can talk with more calm about what we can do together.

Have a nice day Helge,

Skype ID: andrea_vascellari
Mobile: +358 40 039 8892

P.S. I don't know if you have watched it but there is a new VMC episode online: VMC #17 - Respecting Media Snackers The conversation already started to roll with several different comments on this episode, feel free to join and enjoy it!

P.S. About some of the recent communication projects...have a look to the recent posts published on iTive's site Of course there is more to tell, but at least it can give you the idea.

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