Saturday, March 21, 2015

Digitalization of Fast Fresh Flow

The Digitalization of Forestry Operations has been taking long steps from conceptual design to real-time value chain management from the stub to pulp, paper, and sawn goods mill. The picture (Irja Kallio) is from Ferdinand-Braun, Alsace, France. UPM was the owner of the biggest sawmill in France at that time (1997).

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Blogging to tell a story

by Rachel Cool  | Featured Contributor | Don’t just blog for the sake of blogging. Blog to tell your story, reach your market, inspire people and achieve your goals. 

We always hear how important it is that we blog and for so many businesses, it has become one of those things they do just to check it off the list.

 But, to really tap into the power of blogging and use it to grow your business, you need to do it strategically. 

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Female movie stars

From Now On, Women Save the World
Hollywood Has Realized That Movies Starring Women Can Make Money

LOS ANGELES — Hollywood has long known that women are better customers than men. It’s right there in the annual reports from the Motion Picture Association of America: Moviegoing in the United States and Canada was 52 percent female last year. Just as it was five years earlier.

So why are studios only now pumping out female-focused megamovies?

Tuesday, August 26, 2014


A Letter from the CEO – August 25, 2014
Aug 25 2014 · 118 comments · News, Press

It’s almost unbelievable that slightly more than 3 years ago, Twitch didn’t exist. The moment we launched, we knew we had stumbled across something special.

But what followed surprised us as much as anyone else, and the impact it’s had on both the community and us has been truly profound.

Thursday, August 07, 2014

iPad to Write down your thoughts

Over at Medium, MG Siegler has a nice piece likening the iPad to a typewriter. He means the comparison to a defunct piece of technology as a compliment: Writing on an iPad with an external Logitech keyboard, he says, strips away all the distractions of other applications and web services and lets you focus on your thoughts and the words.
I know what he means. For almost three years now, I've used an iPad with a keyboard as my primary computer. About 85% of everything I've produced for publication in that time, I've pounded out on my tablet.

Sunday, August 03, 2014


Mexico is an intoxicating land of archaeological treasures, vibrant cities, vivacious culture and welcoming locals. 

With jungles, mountains, beaches, reefs and caves to explore – and museums, cafés, bars and markets to visit – any time spent in Mexico will never be long enough.


Thursday, May 08, 2014

Brown Moses, his alter ego Eliot Higgins, and the rise of the self-trained journalist — Tech News and Analysis

Brown Moses, his alter ego Eliot Higgins, and the rise of the self-trained journalist — Tech News and Analysis

The term “citizen journalism” gets thrown around a lot, used to refer to everything from people tweeting in crisis zones to high-school students covering city-council meetings. But for me at least, one of the people who best epitomizes that term is the blogger Eliot Higgins, better known by his nom de plume Brown Moses — a man who took an aptitude for painstaking research and used it to turn himself into one of the leading sources of information about the conflict in Syria.
I’ve written about Higgins before, and described his somewhat miraculous transformation over the past couple of years, from an unemployed accountant to a pioneering war blogger — one whose research is relied on not just by aid groups and government agencies in Syria but is praised by established journalists like New York Times war reporter CJ Chivers and others. But I was reminded again of how amazing his story is when I interviewed him on a panel at the International Journalism Festival in Perugia, Italy last week.

Monday, April 21, 2014

5 Ways to Launch a Successful Online Business

5 Ways to Launch a Successful Online Business

Tim Ferriss is an angel investor (Twitter, StumbleUpon, Uber, etc.), and is the No.1 bestselling author of The 4-Hour WorkweekThe 4-Hour Body and The 4-Hour Chef.
The momentum a company builds in its first few weeks can signify its potential to soar — or, alternatively, the inevitability of its failure. That's why contests like the Shopify Build-a-Business Competition are so great: They can predict the success of a startup early and help companies identify the weaknesses in their business models before they officially launch.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

BBC News - Robot writes LA Times earthquake breaking news article

BBC News - Robot writes LA Times earthquake breaking news article

The Los Angeles Times was the first newspaper to publish a story about an earthquake on Monday - thanks to a robot writer.

Journalist and programmer Ken Schwencke created an algorithm
that automatically generates a short article when an earthquake occurs.
Mr Schwencke told Slate magazine that it took around three minutes for the story to appear online.

"Robo-journalism" is increasingly being used in newsrooms worldwide.

The LA Times is a pioneer in the technology which draws on
trusted sources - such as the US Geological Survey - and places data
into a pre-written template.

Monday, March 10, 2014

What You Think You Know About the Web Is Wrong |

What You Think You Know About the Web Is Wrong |

If you’re an average reader, I’ve got your attention for 15 seconds, so
here goes: We are getting a lot wrong about the web these days.

We confuse what people have clicked on for what they’ve read. We mistake
sharing for reading.

We race towards new trends like native advertising without fixing what was wrong with the old ones and make the same mistakes all over again.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Networking newsletter: new model - new offer

Dear Partner,

Let us bring to your attention the latest members of our PingBrother product family, the EPIW114-XXXX series, at an unbelievably competitive price.

Exclusively for our distributors and system integrator partners, we offer these products at a price of
EUR 59 / pc
for orders over 10 units.If you need more pieces, please contact us for an even better offer.

The EPIW114 series has been developed based on eedback from our partners, and the product does not contain POE selector slide switches. The POE output of the ethernet ports can be pre-customized based on the purchase order number, so you can find the right configuration for any application method or area. The benefits of this version are the reduced occurrence of errors and a more competitive price.

Features of EPIW114-xxxx

  • POE switch for standard or passive-POE devices
  • Manageable POE power
  • Management of any devices by contact outlets
  • Monitoring with measuring of the
    • Inpout voltage
    • Internal temperature
  • Manageable automatic watchdog functions
  • Watched events:
    • Lost ping of any host
    • Faulty http answer of any host
  • Automatic watchdog responses:
    • Turn ON/OFF/RESET of the POE power
    • Control of any other device by contact outlets
    • Email warning
  • Free management software to remotely control several devices in one clear GUI
  • SNMP remote management

EPIW114-xxxx ordering codes:

  Adjustable POE power on
Model Eth1 Eth2 Eth3 Eth4
EPIW114-0000 - - - -
EPIW114-1000 + - - -
EPIW114-1100 + + - -
EPIW114-1110 + + + -
EPIW114-1111 + + + +

PingBrother is

a 4 port industrial 10/100 passive POE ethernet switch and IP watchdog with built in web based GUI.  It is an intelligent device, which watches a lot of qualities of its environment, such as input voltage, temperature, current consumption of the connected POE devices, operability of any network devices (ping, http availability), water leakage or condensation.

It gives a user defined response, for example turns off /on or reset the power of the POE ethernet ports, controls any connected device by its relay contact, and/or sends an email.

PingBrother can work on nearly any low voltage (8-56V DC or 9-42V AC), and can distribute its input power to any kind of connected standard or non standard POE devices (PD).

PingBrother can manage other, non-IP devices through the relay contacts connected to the terminal blocks.



PingBrother is a multi functional device. Eth. switch, POE injector, remote management device, and more. Read More »

Watch our video presentation showing you PingBrother in action. Read More »






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Mobilrouter Ltd, Hungary -The best way to contact us is by email:
Phone: +36 15999000 // Website:

Friday, January 03, 2014

Cycle Highways

Lord Norman Foster, renowned architect and founder of Foster + Partners, has proposed a massive network of elevated pathways for cyclists in London. Dubbed 'SkyCycle,' the cycling routes would follow London's vast suburban rail network for over 220 kilometers (136 miles), allowing cyclists to traverse the UK's capital without encountering cars or pedestrians.

SkyCycle would consist of a number of routes, most of which would connect with other lines at points. Each route would be able to accommodate 12,000 cyclists per hour.

The network as a whole would serve almost six million people, half of whom live and work within 10 minutes of one of its 200 entrances. As the majority of London's rail network was created in the steam era, the tracks follow the path of least resistance, avoiding steep gradients and making them ideal routes for cycling

Sunday, November 17, 2013


The NSA has asked Linus Torvalds to inject covert backdoors into the free and open operating system GNU/Linux.

This was revealed in this week’s hearing on mass surveillance in the European Parliament.

Chalk another one up of the United States NSA trying to make information technology less secure for everyone.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Marketing in digital age

It’s been nearly half a century since Philip Kotler first published his Principles of Marketing, which has defined the practice of millions of professionals worldwide ever since.  It’s no stretch to say that before Kotler, there was no true marketing profession.

What made Kotler different than what came before is that he took insights from other fields, such as economics, social science and analytics and applied them to the marketing arena.  Although that may seem basic now, it was groundbreaking then.

Today technology is transforming marketing once again.  Although up to this point, most of the impact has been tactical, over the next decade or so there will be a major strategic transformation.  This, of course, will be a much harder task because we will not only have to change what we do, but how we think.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Pinterest gets funding

According to several sources, Pinterest has completed another enormous funding, this time nabbing $225 million with late-stage investor Fidelity Investments in the lead.

The new infusion of cash — which comes on the heels of a very recent and massive funding in February of $200 million that valued the social scrapbooking company at $2.5 billion — pegs the latest valuation of Pinterest at $3.8 billion.

Education and health

Education and health care jobs are so attractive because unlike manufacturing jobs, which have steadily declined over the last 25 years, they are largely shielded from global competition.

As a society we continue to spend large sums of money, both in the public and private sector, on educating our students and caring for the health of our citizens.

Since good jobs will increasingly require more education and our population is aging, the long-term outlook for these sectors looks positive.

Education and health care also create jobs across income distribution, providing work for home health aides as well as college professors

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Twitter IPO

As excitement grows for the upcoming Twitter IPO, the federal government shutdown and pending debt-ceiling issue looms large.

There are some in Silicon Valley who believe that the current innovation cycle, powerfully led by mobile and cloud computing, will overwhelm any public market dislocation caused by Washington D.C. ineptitude.

After all, Twitter and other high fliers, such as the rumored 2014 IPO class — including Dropbox, Palantir, Airbnb and Box — are growing fast, operating in huge markets with big and slow-moving incumbents and beginning to show business models that will generate meaningful profit.

This has been the recipe of success for LinkedIn, Splunk, Workday, ServiceNow and even Facebook, where IPO investors have done extremely well.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

How to generate leads

Define Clear Goals For Social Media To Generate Leads

If you want to generate leads using social media then don’t simply create a Facebook page just to collect “Likes” or a Twitter account to get tweets.

Define specific goals and define a content creation process that would engage your social audience, focus on joining the conversation prospects and customers were having in your field of work, and reach the influencers in that space.

If your company that sells Servers, focus on conversations that server experts would engage in or want to talk about.

Connect with server experts so that they can share their opinions about your server products

Social still booming?

Social ROI. Impressions. Retweets. And the effervescent “like”. Yes, they all still matter.

Social media is a shiny object that still glimmers. But now it’s time to figure out how to truly integrate it into our businesses.

I recently spoke at Social Media Today’s Social Shakeup Conference and had an inspiring discussion with Ray Wang, Chairman of Constellation Research.

He suggested that social media has been a magically exciting detour within an existing digital revolution, and we’re now only getting back to the core of digital. I  agree.

Digital has transformed business for years. Automation has made it easier to scale core marketing and sales efforts, helping businesses reach new audiences and increasing sales.

But now, social must become the underlying platform that powers growth and opportunity.

People drive technology, and people drive social, but integrating both to truly humanize your business, introduces a huge challenge

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Future Of Education Eliminates The Classroom, Because The World Is Your Class | Co.Exist | ideas + impact

The Future Of Education Eliminates The Classroom, Because The World Is Your Class | Co.Exist | ideas + impact

Socialstructed learning is an aggregation of microlearning experiences drawn from a rich ecology of content and driven not by grades but by social and intrinsic rewards.

The microlearning moment may last a few minutes, hours, or days (if you are absorbed in reading something, tinkering with something, or listening to something from which you just can’t walk away).

Socialstructed learning may be the future, but the foundations of this kind of education lie far in the past. Leading philosophers of education--from Socrates to Plutarch, Rousseau to Dewey--talked about many of these ideals centuries ago. Today, we have a host of tools to make their vision reality.