Thursday, November 15, 2007

The future of the Village

What will the small town or village look like in 2020 - 2030? We're predicting a breakthrough of
  1. CleanTech
  2. GreenTech
  3. Knowledge Based and Intelligent Resources Managment
  4. Community, hyperlocality combined with global partnerships
  5. Old traditions, co-creation, innovation, re-vitalization of good and fighting the evil
  6. Natural Food and short distance distribution
  7. Safety of people, species and environment
  8. Caring and humanistic culture: total quality of life approach to development
  9. The traditional small town re-engineered, modernized and connected
  10. Small scale high-tech production to manage sustainable supply chain
  11. Less traffic, more networking, knowledge based production
  12. Less is more attitude
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