Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Carte Cadeau and Old Notes from 1987

We started to work with our move to France 1987. The preparation and planning took two years.

I read old notes from June 3, 1987. I was working with a project related to public transport at that time in Sweden.

Here are some fragments. I try to digg out thoughts and ideas that can be transferred to problems we're trying to solve today.

I can prove it, I did take pictures
I made the notes for private use
The door to the future was open
I was jumping from one stone to another
I wanted to know more about international alternatives

New technology is by nature experimental but we didn't see that very clearly. The goal was to create dedicated products and systems for various applications.

I need to work more on some notes
Need to understand the meaning of it at that time
Things have changed, but less than one could expect
I feel like traveling backwards 20 years in time

Kids have both time and inclination to experiment. Grownups tend to think in terms of final solutions.

You can't enter a room (or a river) twice.

However, we wanted to create something that would last for quite some time. The notion about product life cycle existed but the idea of a product was something that would be good for at least 5 to 10 years.

Ten years later, the understanding of high-speed product development had improved.

The picture isn't from that time. Prices are in euros. The notes are from 1987 and then I was working in Sweden.
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