Sunday, April 19, 2009

Riga 23.6.2003

My notes started with Riga but I started to reconstruct the trip from scattered notes. I didn't write a travel diary, but start to remember details from the trip when I open up the case again. There are quite a few photographs from this trip but they are on an external memory and I've to take some time to select pics from the external hard-drive and continue with the documentation. This is a part of a bigger study concentrating on old notebooks reaching at least 20 years back in time.

Six years ago, I wrote in my notebook: "Big European city, lots of churches and big monuments. Jurmala is more expensive. Palanga is cheaper and located south of Jurmala..."

From Liapaja to Lithuania

  • We didn't have time to go to Vilnus.
  • The capital is a very popular place but we' to go there later.
  • Good beaches in Liepala. In Riga the Palanga beaches are located north of Riga.
  • Lithuania appears to me as a very green country with lots of wood in the forests.
  • The textile industry had a strong position.
  • The writer Anna Sigura has been Ambassaor in Finland.
  • The Latvian national holiday 24'th of June.
  • The independence day 18'th November.
Let's take a closer look at the Baltic trip day by day:
  1. Monday 21.6.2003 Loviisa - Porvoo - Helsinki - Tallinn (Finland -> Estonia)
  2. Tuesday 22.6.2003 Tallinn - Pärnu - Riga (Estonia -> Latvia)
  3. Wendsday 23.6.2003 Riga (Latvia)
  4. Thursday 24.6.2003 Riga - Liepaja - Zoll (border) - Klaipeda (Latvia -> Lithuania)
  5. Friday 25.6.2003 Klaipeda (Lithuania)
  6. Saturday 26.6.2003 Klaipeda, Hotel Morana (Lithuania)
  7. Sunday 27.6.2003 Klaipeda, Hotel Morana (Lithuania)
  8. Monday 28.6.2003 Klaipeda - Riga - small town (Lithuania -> Latvia)
  9. Tuesday 29.6.2003 Latvian small town - Tallinn - Helsinki - Loviisa (Latvia -> Estonia -> Finland)
More about this trip later.
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