Saturday, January 02, 2010

Knowledge is still Power

E71_07.11.2009_Loviisa 013We’re not going to say hello to the “Knowledge Economy” even though some people think that even the era of “Creative Economy” is over.

Problem is, you can’t command people to be enthusiastic, creative and passionate.

What matters today is how fast a company can generate new insights and build new knowledge—of the sort that enhances customer value.

Simple things like taking care of your oil burner can’t be solved by creativity but down to earth practical knowledge helps you to change some vital parts according to schedule. But how many things are there in our households that don’t get the attention required.

Computer programs are updated continuously but mechanical gadgets don’t speak or tell us what to do. Nobody reads user or service manuals, and as a result a lot of vital maintenance never takes place at time.

Learning by doing is still a valid learning model. This holiday season has been a crash course in basic plumbing techniques. How to keep the water lines from not icing while being away will save money and time in the future.

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