Sunday, May 16, 2010

Radical modernization of the tourism industry is needed

tallinn_2006_252 We’ve to do something entirely different. The average tourist has been here several times but still we don’t know the people.

There is an urgent need to move into something that is completely new. Traditional tourism doesn’t work anymore.

We need a new kind of genius to move us from traditional tourism towards something that is entirely new.

Traditional attractions will still remain, but we’ve seen it so many times in so many other industries that the old big names are becoming history and the same will happen within tourism during the coming years.

Think about “ruotsinlaivat” – that was a big industry for several decades. Now, a trip to Sweden is commodity. Nobody buzzes about it. What did happen? Tax Free isn’t an incentive anymore. The same will happen with travels to Estonia from Finland. 

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