Monday, August 16, 2010

What's the plan?

We're not planning to achieve miracles. This summer proved it for the Finns: good ventilation is in demand for hospitals, offices and homes, when you want to feel good, want to chant, feel happy and dance.

New technologies are adapted gradually. A change in building automation control approach doesn't spread around the world over-night.

We've to "chant" and spread the idea continuously. Simple things can be done to spread the gospel. For my part, I just need a tape recorder and a digital cam recorder  for sudden and occasional podcast transmissions.

Okay, we've started the digital storytelling. Messages are circulating, ideas are flowing down the river. The message is out.

I'm testing new techniques. I'm beginning to wonder, how long it takes to get down to spiritual music videos for improved ventilation?

The journey continues, the value of air condition is not challenged, but it takes time to get good practices down the pipeline.
  • It's a result of dedication
  • We need to show practical results
  • Re-think energy balance, save money and expose a better life-style
  • Scientists can tell the facts, we're focusing on the quality of life
  • Scepticists are always around: don't worry!
Get active, make the move. Technical miracles can be accomplished
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