Monday, September 06, 2010

Building Automation and WebTV

telkku1Those of you interested in building automation, I’d like to sit down and have a talk with you over a cup of coffee.

The blogosphere is covering issues like computers, cell phones, smart phones, digital cameras, and video recorders but the buzz about building automation is still very limited and focuses on technical details.

What could we do together to improve the situation? I’ve been giving this a thought for several months.

I like to present Roof Ventilation based on a comment i received today: “Significance of roof ventilators for house  Roof is a very important area for any building. You should take care of it properly because it affects other constructions of building also. If your house is  not ventilated properly then you should do something for it. Mainly if you install any roof ventilators then it will help you in air circulation for whole  house. With the help of these devices you can have freshness in the house because they exchange the stale air with fresh air. You can discover many types of roof ventilators in the market. There are many suppliers of roof ventilators in the market but is the best place from where you can purchase your ventilation system with best quality and less cost. You can find a large range of them. You just need to choose and then order it online. The process is very simple and easy. Just log on to and get proper ventilation in your house.”

Are you familiar with this company? Let me have more comments about the importance of ventilation, building automation and sensors needed for proper building automation.


ryna said...

This is a really good read for me. Must admit that you are one of the best bloggers I ever saw. Thanks for posting this useful article.
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Helge V. Keitel said...

ryna, thanks for your kind comment. Feed me with new ideas and points of view. Have a great and ventilated day ;)