Saturday, March 05, 2011

Digital Villages Evolution

The concept of digital villages has been in evolution for more than fifteen years. Yes, it was still a prototype year 2006 when we adpoted some new ideas from Italy.

The idea of collective intelligence, global collaboration of human networks, and open innovation had been boosted by social media and its user friendly interface engineering.

People can now integrate their lives - not limited by location - to be a part of a global development community; easier than ever before in human history.

Something big is going on. Increased openness is a real integrator + facilitator of an amazing change. We're now better equipped with communication tools making it possible to initiate political changes in Tunise, Egypt, Libya...

The web has always been about hacking. Now activists are hacking the poltical systems to suite their own lives. The changes are profund and rapid.

Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Social Media are helping to transform the world. We're the web of the future. And who are we? You and myself, the grassroots activists connected to easy to use collaboration and sharing platforms.

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