Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Networking newsletter: new model - new offer

Dear Partner,

Let us bring to your attention the latest members of our PingBrother product family, the EPIW114-XXXX series, at an unbelievably competitive price.

Exclusively for our distributors and system integrator partners, we offer these products at a price of
EUR 59 / pc
for orders over 10 units.If you need more pieces, please contact us for an even better offer.

The EPIW114 series has been developed based on eedback from our partners, and the product does not contain POE selector slide switches. The POE output of the ethernet ports can be pre-customized based on the purchase order number, so you can find the right configuration for any application method or area. The benefits of this version are the reduced occurrence of errors and a more competitive price.

Features of EPIW114-xxxx

  • POE switch for standard or passive-POE devices
  • Manageable POE power
  • Management of any devices by contact outlets
  • Monitoring with measuring of the
    • Inpout voltage
    • Internal temperature
  • Manageable automatic watchdog functions
  • Watched events:
    • Lost ping of any host
    • Faulty http answer of any host
  • Automatic watchdog responses:
    • Turn ON/OFF/RESET of the POE power
    • Control of any other device by contact outlets
    • Email warning
  • Free management software to remotely control several devices in one clear GUI
  • SNMP remote management

EPIW114-xxxx ordering codes:

  Adjustable POE power on
Model Eth1 Eth2 Eth3 Eth4
EPIW114-0000 - - - -
EPIW114-1000 + - - -
EPIW114-1100 + + - -
EPIW114-1110 + + + -
EPIW114-1111 + + + +

PingBrother is

a 4 port industrial 10/100 passive POE ethernet switch and IP watchdog with built in web based GUI.  It is an intelligent device, which watches a lot of qualities of its environment, such as input voltage, temperature, current consumption of the connected POE devices, operability of any network devices (ping, http availability), water leakage or condensation.

It gives a user defined response, for example turns off /on or reset the power of the POE ethernet ports, controls any connected device by its relay contact, and/or sends an email.

PingBrother can work on nearly any low voltage (8-56V DC or 9-42V AC), and can distribute its input power to any kind of connected standard or non standard POE devices (PD).

PingBrother can manage other, non-IP devices through the relay contacts connected to the terminal blocks.



PingBrother is a multi functional device. Eth. switch, POE injector, remote management device, and more. Read More »

Watch our video presentation showing you PingBrother in action. Read More »






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