Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Web and the Economy

In its present form, the web has already had a disruptive impact on how capital, labour, and tecnology are used in most world economies.

The web has changed profoundsly the manner in which customers interact with enterprises, how enterprises interoperate, and how enterprises and people organise work.

The web has endangered or has had a substantial impact on the business models of a large number of significantly diverse industries.

Newpaper industry
The advertising industry
The banking industry
The airline industry
The book retail industry
The yellow pages industry
Used car sales industry
Auction houses
Public libraries
Stock brokerages
Video rental services
The cable tv industry
The voice telecommunications industry

In the process, new players have established themselfs in the market. Old players have to adapt their business models to the Web.

We'vw to offer new services and excange.

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