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The Monday Podcast

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The Monday Podcast: "Driving a bio-ethanol car October 22nd, 2007

Today the Monday Podcast talks about a new type of fuel - bio-ethanol.

Graham has been driving a bio-ethanol car for the last week and comments on how the car is running and how new fuels help the environment.

Listen to the podcast to find out more:

(Press the “play” button to listen to the podcast)

I was taking notes about the podcast. Quite interesting. Is Graham speaking with his wife? Who is interviewing?

The engine is slightly more powerful. Where do you fill your tank? A a petrol station. It's a normal petrol pump. There is not so many petrol stations fo bioethanol.

Graham Tappenden has a key to the pump to get the petrol. There are 70-80 petrol stations in Germany.

You've two tanks in this new car. The other one you have if you can't get bioethanol and the other one for traditional petrol (diesel).

The mix is 85 % bioethanol and 15 % normal petrol. From the outside you don't see a big difference. There is a little badge in the back saying it's a flexicar.

There is no tax-benefits for the car but bioethanol is supported.

I tried to cruise-control. I tried the acceleration. When it gets cold you've to have a mixture to get the car started more easily.

You can heat up the ethanol slightly. In Scandinavia people are used to heat up their cars to get the cars starting properly.

Please, listen to the enthusiastic Graham Tappenden. I guess he has been thinking a lot about the use of bioethanol in his car.

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