Friday, May 06, 2011

New intelligent business possibilities in the mining industry

may5_2011 094

We’re living in Sotkamo since August 1, 2010 after years and years almost all over the globe and looking for new opportunities in the field of mining, energy and environmental business operations.

The idea is to use the benefits of social media, open data, social engineering, 5T / 5D, microjobs, biotechnology, intelligent sensors, process automation, open collaboration, group sourcing and collaborative intelligence to find new global business opportunities.

This is a small world and with intelligent use of specialized network operations we’ve the possibility to reach out and build bout business intelligence and customer relationships all over the globe with low cost and great accuracy. We can also support B2B operations of specialized task forces looking for F2F negotiations.

  • We can work it out with both mobile and desktop tools. 
  • My brother lives in Sydney, Australia and he is familiar with the global mining industry.
  • The open data community has new ideas and methods for open biz developments.

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